October 5, 2016


For booking contact Breakerscolumbia@gmail.com Please provide the following information:

  • The name of the band
  • The price of a three hour set
  • Number of members and instruments
  • A contact number
  • EPK
  • Ratio of covers to original music. Breakers Live is a “college cover bar”


All bands are expected to promote their show at least two weeks in advance.

Stage times/Etiquette

Stage times are approximate, and sometimes bands go on later than the time given. Advertise the time given. We reward bands that have their crowd come early and stay late to support the other bands on the bill. It is also expected that bands play the entire set start time to at least 2:00am (1:45am on Saturdays) with no more than 2 (5-10 minute) breaks.


All bands are paid after the show. If you play longer that will be taken into account when being paid and may result in a bonus, but the same applies in the opposite end of the spectrum if you cut the set short pay may be deducted and future shows held in question.