August 20, 2016

Rental Info

Breakers Live is open for private rentals Monday through Saturday but with different restrictions based on what day you attempt to rent the venue:

Monday – Wednesday

It’s free to rent Breakers Live on a first come first serve basis. We will keep the bar private until 12am with no obligation; however, to keep the bar private for the entire night we will need a bar tab. The bar tab does not have to be a specific amount, but will need to include gratuity for the bartenders.

Thursday –Saturday

Breakers Live is only available for private parties until 11pm and can be kept private after 11pm until the tab is over. Although there is not limit on the tab amount, all tabs must begin by 10pm. At the conclusion of the tab the bar will be open to the public. We kindly ask that you keep our bartenders in mind when throwing a tab as people who drink off of tabs do not typically tip as well as money is not exchanging hands on every transaction.

Please note:

Karaoke can be available upon request and for a minimal fee. Also, depending on our live music schedule for the night of your event, you can bring in your own live music; however, you must provide the sound engineer fee of $90. **Note: all live music acts must be approved by management prior to the event.